What is FIBO?

FIBO is not just another TV Box… there is a twist!

It's proudly South Australian.

It's Free to get!

There is no monthly subscription fee.*

It's not tied to any specific internet provider you can use anyone you want.

It's simple and easy to navigate.

What does FIBO provide?

A Free FIBO TV Box!

Your TV viewing Needs all in One place!

A mobile Phone Remote app!

You even Earn Rewards whilst watching TV through your FIBO!

And - last - but - not - least

Free To Air, Catch-Up TV, Movies and Streaming,

Offerings as such are all Yours to Indulge In!

Howzat for a Revolution!


FIBO's aim is to revolutionise the way Australians watch TV

How, you ask?

By giving you a FIBO TV box free, that can turn your TV into the 'smartest' of TV's.

Letting you watch all your TV in one place, you can choose from Free-to-air, Catch Up, Movies or your favourite streaming companies.*

Advanced content search across all media, and the programme guide.

*Some separate content subscriptions required, BYO TV, data plan.

About us

The Team

Walter has 17 years experience integrating systems around the world. He is also fun, loves watching sci-fi movies and right into his indoor soccer. He thinks his co-founder is smart for having the FIBO concept.

Walter Catter
Chief Information Officer and Founder at FIBO

Bart is an entrepreneur in heart and soul. He has no technical skills what so ever, because finance is his game. He is right into fast cars, fast money and potato chips. He thinks his co-founder is brilliant for bringing his concept to life.

Bart van Dijck
Managing Director and Founder atFIBO

Claude is living in his 3rd country so he claims to be very worldly. He has over 15 years of advertising and sales experience so we welcomed him with open arms. He thinks the co-founders were smart for bringing him on-board.

Claude Leonard
Business Development Manager at FIBO

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Offer a free gateway allowing our community to easily access the best of what the digital world has on offer

Our Vision

To provide every Australian with a gateway to the future

FIBO Content Entertainment

FIBO currently features the below content.

Free to Air channels Subscription channels Rent-or-buy channels

And will constantly be expanding our offering.

If you have any ideas or feel that you are missing some content that you would like to be included in your FIBO experience please get in touch and let us know!

Advertise On FIBO

FIBO is a "Connected or Over The Top" device that turns an ordinary TV into a smart TV.

FIBO also presents an opportunity for advertisers to reach an audience they are potentially missing out on.

FIBO connects consumers with the content they love and provides advertisers with unique solutions to reach and engage those audiences.

As a business the growth in Connected TV audiences, as well as the advantages of streaming technology as the carrier of content to TV screens, is a exciting opportunity not to be ignored.

The future of TV is streamed.

Why Advertise On Connected TV?

ConnectedTV, also known as "OTT" (Over-The-Top), or Streaming Television is one of the fastest growing trends of our times and has resulted in a powerful shift of consumer viewing habits.

In Australia CTV has also grown phenominaly and is showing no signs of slowing down.

CTV offers viewers the ability to be in control of their content journey, while also benefiting from the full TV screen experience.

The increase of CTV viewership is creating new and exciting opportunities for advertisers by combining the impact of conventional TV with the accuracy of Digital.

CTV offers great accountability and transparency for advertisers.

It is very cost effective

With CTV advertising still being in its infancy it can potentially still offer advertisers with the rare opportunity to be a first-mover, or at least an early-adopter, in their respective category of business.

The FIBO Opportunity

FIBO TV is offering advertisers the opportunity to reach our exclusive local audience of Connected TV viewers right here in South Australia.

Connecting you with the locals and the people that can help drive your business.

Our first rollout is across Mount Barker, the largest town in the Adelaide Hills and the fastest growing in SA.

So why not join us today and be part of this exciting journey!

FIBO Advertising Options

Once the user starts using FIBO TV, there will be the opportunity for them to receive Pre-roll videos and display ads during their browsing experience.

The FIBO TV advertising opportunity currently offer the below options:

  • TV length video ads ( 5s,10,15s,30s)
  • TV Display banners - Billboard, Skyscrapers
  • Mobile Phone - Billboard banner
  • Mobile Phone TV Guide - Display banners

For more information on FIBO Media and our advertising options please contact us through one of the following options:


Phone: 1800 FIBO TV(1800 3426 88)

Frequently Asked Questions

But, but, but… how?

We can offer you FIBO for free and reward you for using us, because we advertise in our home screen. Watch a short advertisement upon start up and some banner ads as you navigate. Don’t worry, we won’t overdo it and no FIBO advertising when you are watching your favourite shows.

When will FIBO be ready for delivery?

FIBO is ready and we are planning on launching FIBO in the 3rd quarter of 2018. It all depends on our ability to have enough people signing up in an area as to where FIBO will become available. Please sign up (you will be supporting a South Australian business) and we will notify you as FIBO becomes available in your area.

How much does FIBO cost?

FIBO is completely free, there are no catches. Just have to put up with a few ads.

Is this only for South Australia?

We decided to start here in Adelaide, but we have plans to extend all over Australia. We want to be the best thing to come out of SA since Coopers!

Can I advertise my products?

Yes, you can advertise your products. Please contact Terms and conditions do apply.

What do I need?

We will supply you with FIBO, HDMI Cable and Mobile App. You will need a TV with an available HDMI connection, Antenna, WiFi, data plan and a smart phone.

What internet provider do I need?

Which ever one you want! We are not affiliated with any telco’s, so you can use your current provider. FREEDOM!

Is FIBO hard to set up?

We made FIBO as easy as possible to install. We will provide you with step-by-step instructions on screen to walk you through our easy setup process.

Where is my remote?

We decided not to use a conventional remote, because typing and scrolling on one of those is just such a pain! Download your free FIBO remote app and your smartphone is your remote.

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